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Free shipping with $1,000 order.  $650 minimum for some States. 15% off all Seasoned Peanuts 


Free shipping with minimum order.  Free shipping on 1st order for distributors shipped within CONUS.


 Free shipping with $1,000 order.  $650 minimum for some States


New Products

Kopper's Chocolate has two new dark chocolate products: Mexican Hot Cocoa Bites (dark chocolate, cinnamon & chili) and

Chia Himalayan Pink Salt Almonds (dark chocolate bites). 




The Crispery

The moment you have been waiting for!  New flavors have arrived and are the same price as the indulgent flavor CrispyCakes.  

Cookie Dough- This is truly a unique CRISPYCAKE combining rice crispies, our special marshmallows      

and chunks of cookie dough throughout the jumbo rice CRISPYCAKE. Real Cookie Dough paired with     

flaky, buttery tasting ritzy crackers making this one of our most tasteful CRISPYCAKES.  A unique recipe   

for cookie dough lovers! Marshmallow goodness, rice crispy crunch, chunks of cookie dough and one

of America’s best selling crackers throughout.  This is a crowd pleaser for sure.


Fruity Crispies- Your favorite intense colorful fruit flavored cereal in small pebbles atop our delicious

Crispycakes. combined with our special handmade marshmallowy taste.   Orange, Lemon and Tangerine

goodness. Delicious one of a kind gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKES.


Honey Nutty Crispy- This gourmet marshmallow rice Crispycake has lightly toasted o’s of oats with a

touch of honey blended with the highest quality of rice crispies and our secret marshmallow taste.

One of the greatest gourmet treats ever!


Nerdtastic- Our gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE,  topped with  bright colorful tasty, tangy

sweet & sour crunchy Nerd Candies. Combined with our special marshmallow & rice crispies.


Toasted Cinnamon Crispy- If you love cinnamon toast and the crunchiness of rice crispies, this

gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE is for you!  This flavor cinnamon packed rice Crispycake with

our special soft and gooey marshmallow recipe will have you begging for one more bite! 


Conifer has discontinued two flavors of Canterbury Naturals Artisan Soup Mixes, effective immediately:  100-0030-01 Hearty Vegetable Bean Shop 8.4 oz. and 100-0060-01 Mushroom Beef barley Soup 7.6 oz.  Additionally, two flavors of Canterbury Naturals Whole Grain Bowls have been discontinued, effective immediately: 100-0810 Mediterranean Couscous 9.0 oz. and 100-0840 Coastal Freekeh & Brown Rice 7.0 oz.  


Just Jan's will be adding the Pineapple Curd for summer and also bringing back Lime Curd. OOS items: Apple butter, Plum Butter, Cherry, Lemon Curd.

Apple and Plum are seasonal and will be back in August.  Cherry will be back in first quarter.  Lemon will be available this month.

Peanut Shop After reviewing rising costs across the entire supply chain and well as fuel charges, pricing will increase January 9, 2023. Free freight minimums will remain the same. Brought back by popular demand are monthly specials. 


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