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The “Fantasia" ceramic bottle comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is hand-painted by local artisans of the Puglia region of Italy, where the award-winning Frantoio Galantino olive mill is located. It is filled with their delicious and authentic extra virgin olive oil made from Ogliarola and Coratina olives. Golden yellow-green in color and well balanced flavors of almond and artichoke make this an ideal extra virgin olive oil for everyday use. Great for cooking and for dressing a salad.  Discover the passion of the Galantino family, masters of extra virgin olive oil since 1926. They only select the best olives from their groves near Bari, in Puglia, a region that produces more olives than anywhere else in the world. Galantino’s Ogliarola and Coratina olives are hand-harvested the traditional way, by shaking the branches of the olive trees so that the olives fall gently onto canvas “hammocks,” then milled with traditional granite millstones. Through cold extraction and strict quality testing, Galantino ensures that their extra virgin olive oil is consistently the best. With artistic packaging and fresh and smooth qualities, Galantino oils have won the most important international awards and accolades.  Net weight: 500 ml/17 fl. oz.  Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil

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Pineapple Curd is back!!!  Sweet, tangy and bursting with pineapple flavor.  Swirl on yogurt, ice cream, blend in a smoothie or cocktail or make sorbet with it.


All of your La Fabbrica favorites are back in stock, AND we've expanded our line with several new shapes! Straight from the endlessly creative mind of master pasta-maker Ciro Moccia, La Fabbrica has produced the first and only hexagon-shaped artisanal pasta in three PGI-certified formats. The fun and unique shapes are beautiful on the plate, pair well with many sauces, and contain all the delicious properties that only an authentic pasta from Gragnano can possess. Made with local spring water and high-protein Durum wheat, then extruded through a bronze die, and dried slowly at a low temperature, this world-famous pasta has a nutty flavor and a porous texture that helps it bind with sauce, and holds its al dente bite well.  Some favorite new shapes from La Fabbrica:

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                    Gluten-free Mafaldine                                                Esagopenna                                                       Esagoncelli 

                   Gorgeous ribbon pasta                                NEW Hexagon shaped penne                        NEW Hexagon shaped short penne

 Introducing TartufLanghe, extraordinary truffle products from a premium truffle producer from Piedmont. This family-owned company is world renowned for their award winning truffle products, remaining true to their founding principles of authenticity and quality, while staying on the forefront of cutting-edge innovation. TartufLanghe stewards over 60 acres of lush forest near Alba, where they harvest three kinds of truffles, including the prized white truffle native to the area. From their laboratory and factory they continuously experiment and innovate, expanding their line with more inventive creations. From infused pastas to truffle pearls, salts, honey, and even potato chips, each of their products is carefully crafted and exceptionally delicious. 

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Gift Sets Now Available

Black and White Collection EVOO Gift Set contains two intensities of extra virgin olive oil for exploring both delicate and strong flavor profiles

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MIgnon Organic EVOO Gift Set contains 3 small bottles of extra virgin olive oil, each made from a single olive varietal

Organic Monocultivar Gift Set in Wooden Crate contains 3 full size bottles of monocultivar extra virgin olive oil in a custom wooden crate

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