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The Bakell products are the solution to home and commercial baking needs. The #1 producer of Edible Glitter and Dust. Products include 100% edible Glitters such as Tinker Dust, Flavored Edible Glitter, Dusts, Glitter Flakes and Shapes, Color Changing Glitter, Holographic Glitters, Edible Royal Gold Glitters, Edible Glitter Spray Pumps, Glow in the Dark Glitter, Colored Neon Glitters, Glitter Sample Pack, Shakers;  Luster Dusts, Dazzler Dust, Highlighter Dusts, All Natural Food Coloring Petal Dust, Iridescent Luster Dusts; Fondant in 4 oz packs or tubs; Sprinkles include Mini Beads, 8mm Beads, Jimmies, Mixes, Shapes, 4mm Beads, Confetti, Rods, Sugar Sand; every day and holiday gift sets and more; Shimmering Rimming Sugars and Salts; Cake stencils, cake pop straws, cookie cutters, fondant tools, cupcake wrappers, and liners - you name it, we have a fantastic selection to choose from at the best prices in the business.  Every day and holiday gift sets as well as private label and custom labels products are available. Made in CA.

Conifer Specialties organic, kosher

Diverse range of product categories: breakfast, soup, salad, dessert, bread, hot-cocoa and easy-meal mixes; includes natural, organic, and kosher products. Private label available. Brands: Canterbury Naturals, Fisher, Starbucks Hot Cocoa, Crock-Pot Delicious Dinners. All natural.  New Fast or Slow products. Made in WA.  


Gourmet Marshmallow Rice CRISPYCAKES from The Crispery.  Over 50 delicious flavors. Always Soft and gooey, never hard and sticky.  All handmade to perfection, colorful, unique and very tasty with an 11 month from manufactured date shelf life. Introducing NEW flavors and now Peanuts, Peanut Butter and a variety of special delights for everyone's taste!  (Peanut flavors produced in a different facility, other Crispery Crispycakes are produced in a nut free bakery).  Crispycakes can be customized with your Company logo, or for that special celebration.  Made in VA.

Just Jan’s  organic, less sugar, made in America

Fresh fruit flavor from less sugar and more fruit gives these spreads - 14% less sugar than traditional jams and spreads will make you a believer! Key word….. less sugar! Tangerine Marmalade, Organic Strawberry Spread, Kadota Fig,  Lemon Curd.  Additional flavors being added in 2023. Available in 10 oz. & 1.4 oz. jars.  Made in CA.

Kopper’s Chocolate  kosher dairy and Parve, all natural, organic

70 years of creating 450 varieties of gourmet panned chocolates and specialty confections.  The assortment includes nuts, gummies, malted milk balls, mints, milkies, cordials, nuts and seeds, savories all-natural line, mocha and espresso coffee beans and more. Seasonal and everyday products.  Made in NJ.


Melville Candy Co.

A family owned, third generation confectionery company producing gourmet hard candy lollipops and chocolate treats and custom confections. Each product produced is hand-made, packed and inspected in the USA to ensure they are of the highest quality. The extensive selection includes Gourmet Flavor Lollipops embedded with a variety of specialty ingredients, Honey Spoons made with real honey in each batch, as well as extensive seasonal & trendy collections. Private label and customization available. Unique products like Bacon Lollipops, cocktail items, marshmallow treats, chocolate covered cookies, cocoa makers, spoons for coffee & tea and so many more delicious, fun and creative products. Made in Chicago.

PastryBase/LillyBean  gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, no artificial colors, made in America

Super cute, delicious LillyBean by PastryBase Baking Mixes and Kits are created with high quality ingredients like vegan sugars, real vanilla beans and gluten-free flours. One of the best things about the products is their versatility; they work with all sorts of dietary needs & lifestyles, because all you need to add to mixes is ANY "milk" (almond, soy, rice, dairy, hemp,...) & your "fat of choice" (coconut oil, vegetable oil, butter, soy butter, shortening...).  By combining handmade baking mixes with natural decorations like dye-free sprinkles & organic fondant, along with baking tools to get the job done. Baking Kits that make baking fun & easy for the whole family include Unicorn Cupcakes to a holiday Gingerbread Tiny House Village. Products include frosting mixes, Blondie Mix (the best seller), cupcake mixes, gluten-free baking kits, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter specialty mixes, pancake, pizza, waffle and scrumptious cookie mixes. Good Food winner, Sophie Winner. Created by Jill Donaldson 6/case. Made in Richmond, VA.

Peanut Shop   all natural collection, gluten-free, kosher, non-gmo, made in America

Hand roasting super extra-large (highest market grade), hand-cooked in small batches with pure peanut oil. Non-GMO Project Verified, and no additives or preservatives - also available prepared with various spices and seasonings, Redskin Peanuts, Boiled Peanuts, Roasted & Salted In-Shell Peanuts, Sweet Peanuts, Cashews, Brittles, Pecans, Almonds, Pistachios, and Snack Mixes. Seasonal and themed collections available. Kosher and Gluten Free. Standard size tins: 32 oz., 20 oz., 10.5 oz., 7oz and 4 oz. Gift boxes, counter displays, foodservice, private label available. From VA.




"Green Tea for All" is about making green tea a fun and easy part of your daily routine. Whether you'd rather eat or drink your antioxidants.  Organic matcha teams up with coconut sugar for a creamy, vegan green tea latte - no milk required! Available in 8.5 oz bags or 2lb. bags - Original, Cacao Coconut, Tropical Mango, Bombay Chai. Matcha Lemonade Ice Tea Mix 7 oz. bag. Green Tea Mints Green tea inhibits the growth of oral bacteria that causes bad breath, helping you stay fresh, naturally. Matcha + C Daily Wellness from Whole Food Ingredients . Certified B-Corp.  Sustainable packaging.  Socially responsible.   

Zia Pia is a boutique importer specializing in fine, authentic regional Italian foods. Our suppliers are non-industrial, family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with Italian design and style to create superior products, beautiful on the inside and out.   These are the best Italian foods from exceptional, award-winning suppliers. Think artisanal, durum wheat semolina pastas from Italy’s most prestigious manufacturers, authentic egg pasta from Campofilone, organic tomatoes grown under the Apulian sun and authentic San Marzano tomatoes and sauces, organic Modica chocolate, fine extra-virgin olive oils from Umbria and Puglia, balsamic vinegars from Modena… and more.  Zia Pia serves fine specialty food, gift and home stores, restaurants and home cooks everywhere! 

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